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Index of Outfitters for Indiana

Outfitters are people and businesses that will rent you items and provide services that help you to enjoy our great outdoors. The outfitter lists below have been painstakingly checked for accuracy. We have tried to assemble accurate, comprehensive lists of all of the businesses that can help enhance your outdoor recreation activities with equipment rentals and outdoor services. These businesses can be hard to find out about, yet they offer some very valuable services. These people can completely outfit you for an activity without all of the startup costs. Be sure to check them out.

We use money from sponsors to add more and better content to this web site. You will see several sponsors singled out in these lists. Since the sponsors are the ones allowing us to bring this information to you, please try to utilize their services.

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Indiana Campgrounds Indiana Campground Outfitters

This is a clickable map of private campgrounds around Indiana.

Indiana Canoe & Kayak Rentals Indiana Canoe/Kayak/ Tube Outfitters

This is a clickable map showing all the places in the state you can rent a craft to paddle or float.

Indiana RV Rentals Indiana RV Rental Outfitters

They will provide you with RV rentals, equipment or vehicles to buy.

Indiana Cabin Rentals Indiana Cabin Outfitters

Find some great places to rent cabins and relax or enjoy the nearby outdoor recreation opportunities.

Indiana Boat Rentals Indiana Power Boat Outfitters

These places rent houseboats, pontoon boats, ski boats, bass boats, jon boats and more!

Indiana Horseback Riding Rentals Indiana Horseback Riding Outfitters

These places can set you up with a horse to ride and everything!

Indiana Charter Boat Captains & Sport Fishing Charter Rentals Indiana Charter Boat Captain/Sport Fishing Charter Outfitters

Enjoy some serious fishing aboard a first-class chartered fishing boat on big waters.

Indiana Fishing Guide Rentals Indiana Fishing Guide Outfitters

They have the boat and the local knowledge!

Indiana Hunting Guide Rentals Indiana Hunting Guide Outfitters

Just bring your gun!

Indiana Backpacking Rentals Indiana Backpacking Outfitters

These people will take you on a fully outfitted trip.

Indiana Caving Rentals Indiana Caving Outfitters

These people will be able to provide you with everything you need to go caving in one of Indiana's magnificant caves

Indiana Climbing Rentals Indiana Climbing Outfitters

These people will be able to teach you how to climb safely, and they can provide you with all the gear to rent or buy.

Indiana Bike Rentals Indiana Bicycling Outfitters

They will provide you everything you need to enjoy some biking time on your path of choice.

Indiana Snowski & Snowboard Rentals Indiana Snow Skiing & SnowboardingOutfitters

Rent skiing equipment from or enjoy ski trips at these businesses.

Indiana Scuba Diving Rentals Indiana Scuba Diving Outfitters

They can teach you how to scuba dive and set you up with all the gear you need.

Indiana Paintball Rentals Indiana Paintball Outfitters

All of these places rent you everything you need.

Indiana Sky Diving Rentals Indiana Parachute Outfitters

They have everything you need to go sky diving...safely!

Indiana Zip Line Rentals Indiana Zip Line Outfitters

Feel what it's like to fly through the treetops...safely!