Trip Report for the Pigeon River in Indiana
Saturday, May 5, 2001

We lucked into another nice day for paddling and went approx. 15 miles through the Pigeon River Fish & Wildlife Area from the public access point on SR 327 to the ramp at the Pigeon River FWA campground (east of Mongo, IN). It was a nice trip, with one fun chute and only 3 places we had to get out and pull our boats. The river started off very small and intimate, then got wider and eventually ended up like a lake (above the dam). As the river opened up we were paddling through a carpet of lilly pads.

In addition to the usual ducks, Canadian geese, herons, squirrels, and jumping and rolling fish (1 hit my kayak hard!), we also saw a turtle, 2 beavers, a crane, and lots of red-winged blackbirds. The big treat, however, was seeing an otter (we were in an otter release area, after all)! We got a good long view of it, and I was just about to take a picture for proof, when my dog had to ruin everything by barking and scaring it away. Oh, well.

Here are some pictures from the trip:

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