Trip Report for Monroe Reservoir
Saturday, September 4 to Monday, September 6, 1999

For Labor Day weekend we rented a houseboat and hung out in Allens Creek (a.k.a. Party Cove). (Click here for a couple of pictures of the access point at Allens Creek S.R.A.) Mostly we relaxed, swam, ate, talked to passersby, went down the slide on our boat and listened to the band on a nearby boat. We also had some canoes and kayaks with us, so we explored the area a little. There is a rather dangerous looking rope swing just around the corner from where we parked, and we witnessed a couple of near accidents with ropeswingers. Nobody appeared to get injured, though, and everyone had a great time enjoying the good weather and long weekend.

This is Party Cove


Relaxing in the water with Max, the kayaking dog...


How many fossils can you count? (And classify?)


We saw many geodes emerging from the rocks along the shore.
(Notice the daddy long legs in the lower left-hand corner.)


Here you see freshly exposed and well-weathered geodes emerging from the rocks.


This is an old Corps of Engineers surveying marker found at point across from Allens Creek access point.

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