Trip Report for Monroe Reservoir
Saturday, July 17 to Sunday, July 18, 1999

This weekend we went canoeing and kayaking with some family (most of whom had never done it before) and friends. Nature smiled upon us, and the weather was beautiful. It was a little frustrating for some of our family members trying to control the canoes and kayaks. Of course, it was kind of a trial by fire for them since we put in and took out at Paynetown S.R.A. That meant we all had to cross the more open, choppy waters with lots of motorboat traffic to get to the idle zone east of 446. In the end, though, no one tipped, and everyone had fun.

Here we are getting used to our crafts.


We're packing up the campsite in Hoosier Nat'l Forest, ready for another day of paddling.


Our aunt seems to be doing more work than her husband. (hmmmm)


Mom and our cousin (not as frustrated at this point) seem to be enjoying themselves.


This was our pretty, though somewhat awkward, lunch spot.


This was part of the beautiful view from our lunch spot.

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