Trip Report for Whitewater River in Indiana
Friday, May 5 to Sunday, May 7, 2000

We started the trip at Metamora and paddled to West Harrison. The trip was very nice indeed. Our whole group liked the flow (about two miles an hour), and there were several little rapids with very few still water areas. Past Cedar Grove the river corridor becomes more developed, although still a nice paddle. We saw lots of wildlife, including frogs and toads, turtles, birds [i.e. blue herons and swallows (emerging from holes in steep riverbanks)], beautiful yellow and black butterflies, and deer. Those crazy deer! As we were approaching some rapids we saw a deer emerge from the woods and walk to the river at the rapids. It seemed to take a brief drink and continue to walk out into the water. It (apparently willingly) walked to the deep part where the water was flowing and was swept downstream a little way before returning to the bank. We scared it away as we approached the rapids. The other crazy deer was at the Metamora access point...

The description of the access point in Metamora was okay, but it looked muddy where the Whitewater River mainpage says to put in. We chose to put in at the bridge for 229 on Salt Creek, a tributary of Whitewater River. There was a deer at this access point that hung out and sniffed around our stuff while we loaded our canoes and kayaks. It stayed for about thirty minutes, and a couple of times it came almost close enough to touch. Check out pictures of it below. Also be sure to check out the stream flow data for our trip at the bottom of the page.

This one shows where we came down from the road above.

This Curious George wasn't shy at all...


Here are some thumbnails of more pictures from our trip. Click on an image to see a larger picture of it.


Here were the gaging station levels for the three gaging stations that are present on the West Fork and main channel of the Whitewater River. (remember we ran the River on May 5-6 and never had to get out of the Canoe.

Streamflow data
Stage Information
West Fork Whitewater near Economy  
West Fork Whitewater near Alpine  
East Fork Whitwater near Brookville (below the Dam)    
West Fork Whitewater at Brookville  

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