Go Deep Adventures

Jeffrey Campbell
Guide and Outfitter

(812) 967-4620 or (812) 896-7671

Services Offered:
Guided Outings - Includes customized trip based on YOUR preferences...trails, fishing, hunting, swimming, and mushroom hunting....Where and when! Smokey Mountain trips are also available Cost (per day):
Singles: $40
Additional people: $10 each
Water & Food Caching Service - Your water will be dropped off at pre-arranged locations

Cost (per drop Site):
$10 (if you provide the water/food)
$15 (if you don't provide the water)

Shuttle Service - You will be met at your desired ending trailhead and then shuttled back to your desired starting point Cost (per shuttle):
Singles: $60
Additional people: $10 each
Repeat customers get privy deals
Equipment Rental - Cost (per night):
(multiple night discounts!)
  Backpack $10.00  
Tent $5.00  
Sleeping Bag $5.00  
Ground Pad $5.00  
Cook stove $5.00  
Package Deal all for $20.00  
$50 advanced cash deposit on equipment for all non-guided trips

Please practice Leave No Trace

Go Deep Adventures
Jeffrey Campbell
(812) 967-4620 or (812) 896-7671


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