Leota Trailhead to New Chapel Trailhead
on The Knobstone Trail in Indiana
(9 miles)

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Description of Knobstone Trail from Leota Trailhead to New Chapel Trailhead (supplied by Indiana DNR)

The trail crosses several steep ridges as it heads south from the Leota Trailhead through the Clark State Forest backcountry area. It then drops into the lush North Branch Valley, one of the most scenic areas along the trail (abundant ferns, wildflowers and very large trees), before winding its way up a very steep, north-facing slope. The trail then traverses rolling to rugged terrain again, past a few wildlife ponds, to the New Chapel Trailhead. The total length of this segment is approximately 9 miles.

The Leota Trailhead has a nice little parking lot in the woods...

The New Chapel Trailhead is also nice and quaint...

Directions to Leota and New Chapel Trailheads (supplied by Indiana DNR)

The Leota Trailhead is located east of the county road which goes north from Leota Road, about 2 miles west of Leota. The trailhead is near a small power transmission line.

To drive from the Leota Trailhead to the New Chapel Trailhead, turn left (south) from the Leota Trailhead entrance road (gravel) onto a gravel county road and proceed 0.1 mile to Leota Road. Turn right (south) and continue for 1.7 miles to the first intersection . Turn left (south) onto New Salem Road and proceed for 3.4 miles to the intersection with S.R. 160. Turn left (east) onto SR 160 and continue for 1.8 miles to the unmarked county road to the left (north)-watch for "KT" post. Turn left (north) on this road and continue of 0.4 mile to the New Chapel Trailhead entrance road to the right (east).

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