Hickory Ridge Trails
(in northern section of Hoosier National Forest in Indiana)

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Hickory Ridge Trails
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Hickory Ridge Trails

location mapHickory Ridge offers 46.7 miles of a variety of intertwining long and short loop trails through scenic hardwoods. The trails are designated multiple-use, allowing hiking, biking and horseback riding.

Trail signs at intersections make navigating the system easier. In addition, at some intersections, signs showing the entire system with "you are here" markers assist trail users in orienting themselves.

Small ponds are scattered throughout the Hickory Ridge system. Many are stocked with fish and can be used for watering horses.

Horse riders and mountain bikers are required to have a trail permit and stay on trails designated for their use. Annual ($35/year) and day-use ($5/day) permits are available from Hoosier National Forest offices and several local vendors.

This trail is operated by:
US Forest Service
Brownstown Ranger District
811 Constitution Avenue
Bedford, IN 47421
Phone: 812-275-5987
Hoosier National Forest website

Hickory Ridge Mountain Biking Trail Info

Check out the detailed maps for Hickory Ridge Trails.

Length: Approx. 46.7 miles (in a spaghetti bowl of trails)
Trail Type: Single track & fire roads
Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced
Trail Description:

The ridgetops are pretty easy, while the ravines are much more difficult. Trails 3, 11 and 12 have more downhills. There is considerable horse use near the parking area, with less horse impact as you move further out. Watch out for the muddy and ruddy sections they produce, though. The trails are well marked, and most intersections have maps. Also, bring in plenty of food and water.

Check out the Nebo Ridge (aka Knobstone Trail) page to see how to link up with that nearby trail.

Since you may be sharing the trails with different types of users, please observe the following trail courtesy:
Mountain bikers yield to horse riders and hikers. (Make your approach known well in advance.)
Hikers yield to horse riders.
Horse riders: control your horse.

A shaded primitive campground with pit toilets, hitching racks, and water (not potable for people) is available for livestock . The campground is designed for horse camping. However, any Hoosier National Forest visitor is welcome to camp at no cost. Day use parking is also available.

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